Useful Linux CLI Commands

crontab -u www-data -e - Edit crontab of user where www-data is the user.

rsync -a /dir1/ /dir2/ - Sync two directories. This overwrites files with the same names.

stat file.txt - Show information about a file or directory

du -sh directory/ - show file or directory size

zip -r directory/ - zip up a directory

unzip - unzip file to current directory

zipinfo - list files and directories in a zip file

grep -i “whatever” file.txt - search for “whatever” in file.txt

!! - run last command

sudo !! - run last command as root

One of the easiest tools to use if you don't know the syntax of a command is TLDR. On Ubuntu you can simply install it using apt, apt install tldr. Simply use tldr zip where zip is the command you wish to know more about.