Convert Aruba AP-325 from Campus mode to Instant mode

There are two versions of the Aruba AP-325. One version is the Campus AP that has 256MB of RAM. The other version is the Instant-AP with 512MB of RAM. Campus APs that are converted to Instant APs are limited to ArubaOS 6 and cannot be upgraded further even if Aruba Central or the AP themselves claim there is an update available. Campus AP-325s that are upgraded to ArubaOS 8 will boot, but will at some point, kernel panic and be inoperable. Do not upgrade to versions beyond ArubaOS 6. Below are instructions to convert a Campus AP to an Instant AP. If an access point is already in Aruba Central, licensing must be removed from it before converting.

You can grab the Instant AP firmware directly from Aruba. You will need to be connected to the AP via a console cable. These instructions starts when you connect power via AC or POE.

Steps to convert a Campus AP to an Instant AP

1. When prompted to stop autoboot, press the <Enter> key. You have three seconds to do this. You should be at the “apboot>” prompt.

2. Enter the following commands line by line.

A note about the first line that is entered. Particularly this part of the line “CCODE-US-de6fdb363ff04c13ee261ec04fbb01bdd482d1cd”. This part of the line needs to be generated using the SHA1 hash of the serial number. This is important to tell the access point that it is in the US and to broadcast US frequencies instead of an international access point. Search for an online SHA1 generator or a downloadable SHA1 generator. Say for example that the serial number of the access point is AGA303822, you would need to generate a SHA1 hash for “US-AGA303822”, without the quotes. Make sure the SHA1 hash uses lower case. The SHA1 hash for US-AGA303822 is c84c75531a033b5ab80c5a26e33004b7306ef657. Therefore, the correct command for the first line is “proginv system ccode CCODE-US-c84c75531a033b5ab80c5a26e33004b7306ef657”. No quotes.

proginv system ccode CCODE-US-de6fdb363ff04c13ee261ec04fbb01bdd482d1cd
 invent -w
 setenv serverip
 upgrade os 0  ArubaInstant_Hercules_6.5.4.19_79367 
 upgrade os 1  ArubaInstant_Hercules_6.5.4.19_79367 

3. At this point, you can restart the AP by removing and re-attaching power or you can issue the following command to boot the AP. boot

Note that the IP in the setenv serverip must be set to the TFTP server with the AP firmware.

The upgraded AP should show up in Aruba Central as long as it is in the inventory and is assigned an appropriate license.