Useful Commands for Windows Subsystem for Linux

wsl -l -v - check current WSL version in use

wsl –set-default-version 1 - set default WSL version. Currently 1 or 2.

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Upgrade/Install PHP 7.4 in CentOS 8

The good news is this whole process is relatively painless, so here we go.

As always, all the commands assume you have root permissions.

Install the EPEL and remi repositories.

dnf install
dnf install

List the PHP versions you have available

dnf module list php

This should list versions of PHP both in the main repositorys as well as the remi repository. We want to enable remi-7.4.

Reset the php module (if you already have an existing PHP version installed)

dnf module reset php

Install PHP 7.4

dnf module enable php:remi-7.4

Update using dnf

dnf update

PHP 7.4 should now be installed.

Verify PHP version

php -v

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Set up unattended-upgrades on Ubuntu 20.04

Package upgrades can be set up to install updates on Ubuntu without user intervention.

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Quick time server set up on HP/Aruba switches

This is a quick configuration of setting a time server on Aruba/HP switches.

→

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Fix software updates in Cockpit in Ubuntu 20.04

Software updates on the Ubuntu system will fail because Cockpit on Ubuntu doesn't detect a network connection. To fix this, you must use NetworkManager instead of the default networkd.

You need to be root or sudo root for all these commands. Edit your netplan file in /etc/netplan and add the following two lines under network:.

version: 2
renderer: NetworkManager

Remember that spaces matter in YAML files.

You will then need install network-manager.

apt install network-manager

Disable networkd.

systemctl disable systemd-networkd

Enable NetworkManager

systemctl enable network-manager

Apply your new settings

netplan apply


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